Gravity Cooler


Gravity Cooler is designed to satisfy the need of cold beverages in the market. According to the reasearch, the sales of beverages increase when they are cold. Considering the lack of space in the marketplace the design shaped itself and so came to life. The Cooler is able to fit into the reagular racks without any additional space required, while including certain number of stock and the opening shaped as the desired bottle. With the Gravity Cooler we do no longer need extra space and additional cooler areas.

Gravity Cooler aims to cool beverages which recommended consumption tempterature is +4 to +6   Celcius by placing a new cooling system directly into regular market shelves in 6 hours. The Cooler holds a 24 bottle capacity and the access of bottle is placed in the front panel while the bottles are lined up. While pulling a bottle out of the cooler a new one steps automaticly into the front row. The coolers aesthetic and functional shape allows the customer access the product very easy as well as for the employees to restock the cooler with new bottles.

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